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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting rid of clutter

I have decided today to get rid of some clutter! It seems like I am constantly going through the house ridding it of things that we don't use or need, but I can't for the life of me tell by looking around. So today.......I am armed with a box of 55 gallon black garbage bags and some serious determination to get this house whipped in shape!

Living on the farm with all there is to look after, it seems like our house gets less and less attention. And of course, Dillon is the worst pack rat I have ever seen ( and he is passing along that problem to his sis ) The saying someone's trash is someone else's treasure, is literally true with Dillon. He will find such value in some of the craziest things. Of course I have let his collections of "garbage" go way too far. He doesn't even know the half of what is in his room. So today, while he is at grandma BB's for bible school, I am armed and ready to clean his room first! Then on to the rest of the house!!

It is such a refreshing feeling to look back and see a little more simplicity in the house when some of the clutter is removed. I am SOO ready for a refreshing feeling when I look around the house :)

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