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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The things you can do with pen and paper!!

Tonight as I went to tuck Dillon into bed, I noticed this sign on his door. I think he and Mallory might need a little space. Since summer has started, they have played so well together and then today they had a falling out.....After about an hour though, they were back to their normal loving selves. It was funny when Dillon saw me notice this sign on his door tonight; he said "Oh mom I can take that sign down now, I don't care if Mallory comes in my room any more." I can guarantee tomorrow I'll see this same sign posted on his door once again after they have been awake for no more than 30 minutes. Of course, it will come down again too I'm sure. Nothing like that brotherly/sisterly love!

I also had to share this sign Dillon made last year when he learned to maneuver our lawn mower around the yard. He is such a little entrepreneur...

Of course we knew he wouldn't be mowing someone's grass at 6 years old, but I asked him why was he charging such a cheap price. He matter of factly stated that he didn't want to "charge his customers too much!"

Last picture from him is from mother's day in Kindergarten. This is one of the best mother's day gifts I have received. It was a book all about mom, they had to finish a sentence with what they thought best described mom.......

By the way, that is me in that photo! 44 pounds.....I love it!

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