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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can you guess what I've been doing?

If you can't tell by the photos.... I started painting (priming) on the new addition yesterday.  I am in no way a neat painter.  I made the mistake of wearing an old pair of flip flops, which in return caused my feet to be exposed to getting covered in paint.  I scrubbed and scrubbed last night only to remove a small amount of the paint to be removed from my skin. I had it all over my arms, face, feet, and my clothing.  I was doing the ceiling so it would just splatter from above and shower me with it.  I did manage to wrap a bandanna on my head to keep my hair from getting paint in it.  Even though I took this measure, I still managed to get it in my hair.  Imagine that.
Mallory had an old pair of blue jeans from last year that she loves.  They are about 3 inches too short and have really seen better days.  I remembered being a kid and having my blue jeans cut-off for the summer time. I haven't noticed anyone wearing original "cut-offs" these days.   

I decided to get out the old scissors and make her a pair of good ole' cut offs to wear to play in here on the farm.  It only makes sense to get the most out of those jeans, since they aren't in good enough shape for someone else to wear as pants.

I think they will make perfect shorts for playing around on the farm.  If I had a penny for every nice piece of clothing that was ruined from cow or goat manure, grass stains, and many other farm related stains; I'd be one wealthy momma!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Yep, it's more about baseball

I loved this picture of all of the boys waiting eagerly to get the ball thrown their way.  I had to share it.  If you notice, one of the team members has a black cast on his arm.  Right before opening day, he broke his arm at school.  He has been unable to play, but the coaches let him get involved as much as possible.  He runs out to get the bats after each of our little guys bat.  It is the sweetest thing.  I hope that he will be able to get his cast off soon and play at least one game this season.  He has so much team spirit. 

Below is another picture I had to share.  We have really been coaching Dillon on the understanding of not letting a ball get by him on 3rd base.  He was determined to get this particular hit.....whatever it took....Even though it was at least a good 3-4 feet above his head.  He leapt with all his might and I happened to be snapping a picture.  There was no way he would've caught the ball, but he was giving it all of his might to catch it. 

On another note, Shane sprayed the texture to our drywall in the new addition to our home, so I will be out purchasing primer and paint this week.  It is getting really exciting now!  I think I am going to go with a "brownish" color for our room.  Something like cappuccino, but not too dark.  I hate having to make the commitment to a color and then ending up hating it later on.  I did that with the kids bathroom in our house a few years ago.  The walls are bright green; like fluorescent green.  Everything is trimmed in white, and it has a tropical underwater theme; but I will not be doing that in the other house.  I want to have something that will last a few years without getting on my nerves. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Update on the addition

Shane has almost finished the mud on the sheet rock in the bedroom and bathroom in our other house.  It is taking a while, but we are doing everything on our own.  I have to say, I'm pretty proud of how well Shane has done so far; considering it's our first time to do any of this. 

My best friend has an "orange peel " texture to her walls, and we are planning on doing that texture to this addition as well.  It should be a fun experiment :)  After we get this end finished, we will start working on the kitchen.  We stripped everything out of it last year, so it is bare.  I am super excited to get it completed to move in.  I can't wait to share the completion of the bedroom and bathroom with you! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Do you have any tips??

I was hoping that I could get some good tried and true ways to get Dillon's white baseball uniform to stay white. White. Can you believe this is what "color" they chose for 7/8 year old's uniform? I've already had orange mud successfully removed with a lot of effort and A LOT of Clorox 2. If you have any tips for keeping them clean, please let me know. There is a place for comments below this post. Just click on comments and it will take you to the box for comments. I really do appreciate it. I'm getting prepared for the stains before they occur, so I won't end up having to buy more white pants :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baseball and of course boots!

Baseball is all around us!  We've been busy practicing and making quite a few trips to "town" for games.   We (funny how I say we) played a game last night and I thought I'd share a few photos.
Dillon playing second
Rounding 2nd heading for 3rd

Playing 3rd

Out here in the "sticks" this is how Dillon gets a little practice.  We have a section of chain link fence propped up against a fence post.  Dillon is able to hit off of the tee and the ball bounces right back to do it again.  He isn't playing t-ball this year, but hitting off of the tee is good practice for the swinging and coordination.  It's also good when you don't have a "pitcher".  I can honestly say I can not pitch.  Just ask Dillon, he'll tell you.

I loved this picture below.  He has such concentration and determination on his face.  Love it!

Of course, since mom had the camera, he had to show off for me to take more pictures.  I think I counted at least 80 pictures taken at one time of this practice.  He wanted to show me his "pitcher" moves.

Did you notice the cowboy boots?  I think he'd wear them instead of cleats at the games if they'd let him;  Nothing better than boots with baseball.

Or wearing boots (with shorts) while playing in the dirt.

All of the commotion Dillon was causing with that baseball and fence caused our LGD, Jael, and her pups to come up from the field to check out what was going on.   Aren't they too cute?