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Monday, July 12, 2010

Let the construction begin!

This afternoon my mother in law and I dug up flowers from around Shane's grandparents old home. We are planning on remodeling, as well as adding on to it, in order to move to a more central location on the farm. Shane's grandmother had this rose bush planted along with some other flowers, and we wanted to keep them going somewhere around here, so we've transplanted the rose bush, hydrangeas, flowering gardenia bush, and some type of lillies (those were the hardest to dig up; they had bulbs the size of my head :)

The only problem is, maybe I mentioned before.....I do not have a green thumb...I have been working on it, but I mean we just transplanted those plants in the middle of this hot summer; I don't know if my TLC will bring them through it for next year. Oh I sure do hope so!

I am so excited to have the guy show up tomorrow to start staking off where the addition will be going. Shane and I are planning on going to Hattiesburg to pick out a GARDEN TUB for me! This is one like I am thinking of getting...

We will have a much better view of the pastures than we do now. This photo was taken from the front porch of his granparent's old home. Our doe herd is right across the road in the pasture. There is also this wide of a view to the right, I just couldn't fit it all in one photo. Can't wait to sit on the front porch to watch the animals while sippin on some sweet tea!

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  1. That's good thinking to transplant some of the flowers and shrubs. When my husband and I first married (1988) we remodeled the old family farmhouse on his family's land. It had been built in 1917. One of the regrets I always had was that we did not dig up and transfer the old rose bush that had been planted by his great grandmother yeeaaars earlier. Unfortunately, someone doing some dozier work totally destroyed it. We did manage to keep the daylillies. That house is still in the family though we no longer live there. Good luck with the construction.


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