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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Playlist music or not???

For those of you that read this blog, should I have the music playing or not? I personally like the songs I have chosen, but are they too much when reading? Please leave a comment below, I would appreciate your feedback....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Kohen!

We decided since Bonnie was getting less organized, and mostly going to become a rain maker, we made it to Kohen's birthday party. He turned 4 years old. He is the sweetest little Ko-bug!

Kohen is my younger sister's middle child. Below is a picture of the two of them. Lovin his shirt!

All of the cousins were able to play together today too. Of course, Mallory said she was ready to go after a couple of hours of playing with the boys. She is starting to get tired of all of the rough housing. I've told Shane, we can go ahead and get ready to get notes sent home from school when she starts kindergarten. She has learned to hold her own that's for sure! We are missing one though, little Gabe wasn't at the party today. I really wish I could've seen him too.

Here's me and my lil' sis. I really don't get around to visiting her very often. I really wish we lived closer. She is in cosmetology school right now and she is pretty focused on her schooling. I think she is going in the right career field. She was alway cutting on her hair when she was in 1st grade and up. Sometimes it came out awful.....other times it was like, WOW she did a really good job. (Remember the layered do Kris? Not bad ;)

I love you Kris!

Watching Bonnie

This morning I am trying to figure out a plan for the day while watching the latest news on Tropical Depression Bonnie. My nephew has a birthday party in Gulfport today; the local weather team seems to still be a little unclear on what to expect from the storm. I think most of the concern is the tar from the oil spill getting washed ashore, or maybe even on the roadways like Hwy 90. Although it's been 5 years since Hurrricane Katrina, you still can't forget what nature can throw at you. This storm is in no way Katrina, but there is a possibility of tornadoes which is a concern for the farm. We live 1 hour north of the Gulf Coast. I guess I'll go back now to my cup of coffee and continue to watch the local weather. One positive thing from this, we hopefully will be getting some much needed rain. Our grass is brown and crispy in a lot of areas!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More photos

It has been requested to put more photos of the progress of the addition. So Mr. Shows, here are those new photos. The crew actually finished up their part today with completing the roofing, and now the hard work is left up to us.... We will be doing all of the interior: electricity, drywall, insulating, flooring, painting, etc.

The photo below is looking in the doorway of what will be our office. This opening used to be a window; we will be knocking the wall out and framing this to become a doorway to our bedroom.

This picture below will be our bedroom. This shot is taken from that opening that will be the doorway. It is going to be a very nice sized room.

I had to share this picture of the bathroom the kids will be using. We will be doing a complete do-over in here. I am getting so excited about redecorating!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's happening....

It has been a few days since I've posted, so I will try to fill everyone in on what's been happening around here.

Saturday night, my mother in law and I hosted a Premeir Jewelry party at her house. My mother has just become a premeir jeweler and this was her first party. We had a great time looking at all of the jewelry and trying it all on.

Can't you tell that my grandmother is having the time of her life sitting at that jewelry table ;) She doesn't like her photos taken, so she wasn't in the photogenic mood at all.

My neice ,Alex who is 7, was at the party. Her mother won a prize, so she let Alex pick it out of the grab bag. She pulled out the biggest diamond ring and that was it for her!! All night long she posed and flashed her diamond for all to see.

We later learned that she had peeked in the bag and pulled this gift out strictly for herself. She said she couldn't wait to wear her diamond to school when it started for all of her friends to see.

Mallory stayed for the party too, but she was a little camera shy. I did get her to smile at me for this shot.

Dillon went with Peyton and his Uncle Muskie to Hattiesburg to hang out with the guys. They ended up going to Gatti Town to eat pizza. When he came back he was still in his "manly" mode, not wanting to do anything with the girls. Alex had my camera taking photos and this is how Dillon was feeling towards all of the girly fufu....

On another note, our addition to the "farmhouse" is coming along real well.

They are saying that we should have the roof on by Thursday. Shane was off yesterday and was able to help out. Dillon went with him and helped out too. He has been working on a project out of all of the smaller pieces of wood. He is in deep thought of what to do next as you can see below...I love the look of concentration on his face.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The foundation has been poured!

The foundation was poured yesterday!! Yippee! I am starting to get so excited. This area will be our master bedroom/bathroom/walk-in closet. We are going get it framed up and the roof over it, but Shane and I will be doing the inside work. Trying to save some money to add on to the other end of the house....We have to completely redo the kitchen and hope to knock a few walls out and wall in the carport. I am so excited!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Let the construction begin!

This afternoon my mother in law and I dug up flowers from around Shane's grandparents old home. We are planning on remodeling, as well as adding on to it, in order to move to a more central location on the farm. Shane's grandmother had this rose bush planted along with some other flowers, and we wanted to keep them going somewhere around here, so we've transplanted the rose bush, hydrangeas, flowering gardenia bush, and some type of lillies (those were the hardest to dig up; they had bulbs the size of my head :)

The only problem is, maybe I mentioned before.....I do not have a green thumb...I have been working on it, but I mean we just transplanted those plants in the middle of this hot summer; I don't know if my TLC will bring them through it for next year. Oh I sure do hope so!

I am so excited to have the guy show up tomorrow to start staking off where the addition will be going. Shane and I are planning on going to Hattiesburg to pick out a GARDEN TUB for me! This is one like I am thinking of getting...

We will have a much better view of the pastures than we do now. This photo was taken from the front porch of his granparent's old home. Our doe herd is right across the road in the pasture. There is also this wide of a view to the right, I just couldn't fit it all in one photo. Can't wait to sit on the front porch to watch the animals while sippin on some sweet tea!