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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Remodeling photographs...

I know it's been awhile since I have put any updates on our "little" project. It has been a miserable hot several days now; the temps have been over 100 degrees and the humidity has just made me feel like a puddle of hot candle wax. We have been holding out on any work until around 6PM when the heat is a little more bearable, but our clothes are still drenched with sweat when we come home around 8:30 for showers. Could someone remind me why we have chosen to do this project ourselves? Just kidding, I knew it would be a tough job, but in the end I know that Shane and I will be so proud of what we have accomplished while saving a pretty good bit of money. Enjoy the photos...

This was taken from the doorway into what will be our bedroom.

This will be our closet....

And our bathroom.

My mother in law and I have been priming and painting what will become Mallory's room. She wanted a dark purple color and pink, so we came to an agreement on this color which is "pinkish-purple" It's called berries and cream, and I do like it much more than the visions of half pink, half purple walls I envisioned.

Dillon working with Shane nailing the house wrap on. We decided to wrap the addition until all work is completed. We have plans on knocking some walls out on the other end of the house, as well as maybe closing in the carport. Then when all is done, we will be going with a board and batten vinyl siding that is the color of natural cedar. You want to talk about trying to make a took us a while to decide on the exterior. I tremble with anxiety/nausea at the thought of deciding the interior.....Please pray for me ;)

Mr. working on the electrical. He has just been moved to another position at his plant. Electrician. Putting some of his skills learned to work.

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