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Friday, August 6, 2010

The bricks came tumbling down!

We have been tearing down bricks on the outside of the house. I DO NOT like the color of these bricks......I have had quite a bit of help. Dillon and Alex are such responsible children with their safety glasses on. I can tell you one thing....Dillon is one hard worker...He wanted to tear the bricks down all by himself. He actually asked me when our house we live in now gets old, could he tear it down too. He really has enjoyed the demolition!

After we would get the bricks torn down, Mallory would take the loose ones and throw in a pile in the yard. She took her work very seriously as well. BB told them if they worked hard, she would give them $5. Dillon tried to do all of the work by himself then. He wanted Alex and Mallory to do nothing so he could get their $5 as well. He told me he needed all of that money to put in his "money bank " because he had spent $40 of his "dollars" earlier that day at Wal Mart. He has been saving his whole life and finally got to spend it, and it has really bothered him how quickly it went.

All the while we were working and sweating, we had an audience. The goats were interested in what we were working on.

This is after all of the bricks were taken down. Yesterday afternoon, my mother in law and I loaded the bricks in the Kawasaki mule and unloaded them in a wash out in the back of one of our pastures. That was tough work! It is so rewarding though to see how much progress we're making, and not having to pay someone else to do it!

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