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Monday, May 24, 2010

Horses, Horses, Horses

This morning Shane came driving home with a trailer full of horses, 3 to be exact. Not only did he have the horses but all tack required to ride those horses. He brought home five saddles, he said that would be extra in case anyone came over and wanted to ride too.

Since I've just not been comfortable riding Sonny, he has been looking around for a horse for me. I told him that I wanted a horse like my cousin had years ago. Real gentle and dead broke! I didn't know, but Shane tracked that exact horse down. My uncle had sold it several years ago, but Shane got in touch with the lady who had him and ended up with him as well as the other two. One of the other two use to be my Uncle Jamie's horse. Here are some photos of them and the tack....

As you can see they need some TLC. Shane said the lady's grass was as short, if not shorter, than a golf course. They haven't been wormed or had hooves trimmed in 6 months. Big Red is to be my horse, but Dillon said that he wanted him. He is the horse that my cousin used to own. Shaggy seems to be a pretty good horse. If Dillon will ride Big Red, I will probably ride Shaggy. Dillon has went backwards with the horse thing. He fell off of Sally and now is terrified of horses again. He is excited about Big Red because he overheard that she was the gentlest of them all....We'll have to see how our horse adventures go. I'm so excited for us to go on a trail ride. It will hopefully be fun for the whole family!

Now I had to get an updated picture of Nutmeg our sweet little goat. He has been put back in the pasture full time with the bucklings and he is almost convinced that he is a goat.

Mallory used to visit with him alot, but now he doesn't pay a whole lot of attention to us when he's out grazing. When we work goats though, he does get right in the way! He will cause that whole group of bucklings to go the wrong direction when Shane will be driving them with our border collie because he wants to stand there and be pet on by Mallory or Dillon. He's starting to "mature" and I've told Dillon and Mallory that they may not want to love on him quite so much....He will be getting banded soon so we won't have to worry about his maturation.

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