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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Secrets to God

I am going to try to blog more often here on Hesterman's Happenings because I told Shane that I want to have this blog turned into a keepsake book. I think they call it Blog 2 Print or something like that. I want to try to put as many memorable things I can so the kids can look back to see what they were doing. I think it is a fantastic idea so here we go....

I did want to write down something that Dillon asked me the other night. When I went in to tuck him in, he asked "Mom, what is God's phone number?" I told him that God didn't have a phone number and that you could talk to him anytime you'd like. It didn't have to just be before meals and bedtime. He said, "Good, because I just told God a secret. But I hope he won't tell my secret." I stood there so proud that he talks to God, and he told me that he told God he was going to send Granny and Grandpa Keller some balloons in the sky to heaven, but he didn't want God to tell them the balloons were coming to them in heaven. He wanted to suprise them because he said he missed them so much. I just hugged him and told him how sweet that was and that I was pretty sure God wouldn't spill the beans. I am so lucky to have such a sweet and kind little man!

Also the other day Dillon and Mallory came running to Shane and I to tell us they had found some baby birds. We have an old building that is used for storage and we had seen a birds nest in it a few weeks ago with tiny little blue eggs. Well those blue eggs had hatched and they went in to find it. I snapped some pictures of the little birds for them to keep to remember...I tried to do it quietly and fast because Shane reminded me that if that mother bird came in she was going to attack our heads. So here are my quick snapshots....

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