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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eating nails?

Dillon and Mallory's Nana too them to the dollar store the other night and gave them each $1. They had to shop and find something for themselves and only spend $1. She said it took them 30-45 minutes to spend it. Dillon told me there were some checkers that were $2 but he couldn't buy it with only a $1. (Very good lesson!! He already owns a set of checkers anyway) He ended up with a bag of balloons and Mallory had to get fake fingernails. Not only fake fingernails, but metallic green fingernails. She was so proud of her grown-up nails. Watching her try to do things with them on was hilarious! She barely could hold her spoon to eat supper with those things. Then they started falling off into her bowl of food. After getting very frustrated, she took them all off and hasn't wanted to put them back on!

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