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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baseball and of course boots!

Baseball is all around us!  We've been busy practicing and making quite a few trips to "town" for games.   We (funny how I say we) played a game last night and I thought I'd share a few photos.
Dillon playing second
Rounding 2nd heading for 3rd

Playing 3rd

Out here in the "sticks" this is how Dillon gets a little practice.  We have a section of chain link fence propped up against a fence post.  Dillon is able to hit off of the tee and the ball bounces right back to do it again.  He isn't playing t-ball this year, but hitting off of the tee is good practice for the swinging and coordination.  It's also good when you don't have a "pitcher".  I can honestly say I can not pitch.  Just ask Dillon, he'll tell you.

I loved this picture below.  He has such concentration and determination on his face.  Love it!

Of course, since mom had the camera, he had to show off for me to take more pictures.  I think I counted at least 80 pictures taken at one time of this practice.  He wanted to show me his "pitcher" moves.

Did you notice the cowboy boots?  I think he'd wear them instead of cleats at the games if they'd let him;  Nothing better than boots with baseball.

Or wearing boots (with shorts) while playing in the dirt.

All of the commotion Dillon was causing with that baseball and fence caused our LGD, Jael, and her pups to come up from the field to check out what was going on.   Aren't they too cute?

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