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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Do you have any tips??

I was hoping that I could get some good tried and true ways to get Dillon's white baseball uniform to stay white. White. Can you believe this is what "color" they chose for 7/8 year old's uniform? I've already had orange mud successfully removed with a lot of effort and A LOT of Clorox 2. If you have any tips for keeping them clean, please let me know. There is a place for comments below this post. Just click on comments and it will take you to the box for comments. I really do appreciate it. I'm getting prepared for the stains before they occur, so I won't end up having to buy more white pants :)


  1. We sure enjoyed you and Shane coming over last night.
    Liz said to use Resolve and let them soak for a few minutes. The Resolve is supposed to remove grass stains and grease. Then wash in bleach dedergent.


  2. Thank you! I enjoyed our visit with you guys too. I think maybe we should get out more often to visit!

  3. I've soaked things in Oxy-Clean and had them come out pretty clean! Good luck!


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