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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can you guess what I've been doing?

If you can't tell by the photos.... I started painting (priming) on the new addition yesterday.  I am in no way a neat painter.  I made the mistake of wearing an old pair of flip flops, which in return caused my feet to be exposed to getting covered in paint.  I scrubbed and scrubbed last night only to remove a small amount of the paint to be removed from my skin. I had it all over my arms, face, feet, and my clothing.  I was doing the ceiling so it would just splatter from above and shower me with it.  I did manage to wrap a bandanna on my head to keep my hair from getting paint in it.  Even though I took this measure, I still managed to get it in my hair.  Imagine that.
Mallory had an old pair of blue jeans from last year that she loves.  They are about 3 inches too short and have really seen better days.  I remembered being a kid and having my blue jeans cut-off for the summer time. I haven't noticed anyone wearing original "cut-offs" these days.   

I decided to get out the old scissors and make her a pair of good ole' cut offs to wear to play in here on the farm.  It only makes sense to get the most out of those jeans, since they aren't in good enough shape for someone else to wear as pants.

I think they will make perfect shorts for playing around on the farm.  If I had a penny for every nice piece of clothing that was ruined from cow or goat manure, grass stains, and many other farm related stains; I'd be one wealthy momma!


  1. And you left her a lot of room for fraying! Good momma! I like it!


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