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Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting ready for tomorrow...

My family is having a reunion tomorrow for my mother's side of the family.  This will be our first ever get together, and I'm super excited.  I've been in the kitchen tonight preparing dishes that I plan to take.  I going to take crock pot chicken and dressing.  This is one of the most requested dishes that I make to take to get togethers.   

I've also made a caramel-pecan cheesecake pie.  It is DEEELICIOUS and super easy to make....You mixcream cheese, sugar, eggs, pecans and caramel ice cream topping  in a pastry shell and bake.  Of course it goes in certain steps, but super easy...My kind of dessert! 
My kitchen looks like a tornado came through.  You can barely see the counter top.  I'm a very messy cook.  I don't mind the cooking at all, but I hate the clean up afterwards.
Also I am going to take Mallory's favorite food; deviled eggs.  Thanks to Mrs. Debbie for bringing me so many fresh eggs.  They came in very handy tonight with all of the dishes I am preparing.  There's nothing better than farm fresh eggs!
Shane, Dillon and Mallory are watching an instructional video on how to do the Fushigi.  Dillon told his grandma BB that he "needed" that magic ball.  So she ordered it and he has yet to figure out how to do any of the tricks.  Shane decided to watch the video and see if he can do any of them.  He said that it seems to him like the whole thing was a scheme to make a lot of money (in other words....a total rip- off). 

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