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Friday, September 24, 2010

No fun on the farm today

Today while trying to get photos of our LGD pups, Dillon and Mallory decided to climb those pesky popcorn trees that are around the pond.  Our doe herd is working on them though... Anyway.......If you can see by the picture below, Dillon is not too happy.  He said, "I'm not gonna smile because you won't let me get in the pond." 
I had told him that he wasn't going to get in that nasty pond.  The water is green and nasty looking and the cows get in there and poop in the water.  You know what...he didn't care.

Just look in the background of this photo.  You should be able to see the green water.  What would you have said?

I do want him to have fun on the farm, but I'm not going for the swimming in the pond now....Maybe if it cleared up some......I'm thinking we might get a sample tested to see why it looks so nasty. 

Dillon did cheer up when it came time to check on the cows.  He got on his dirt bike and did a little riding.  He forgot completely about no swimming.
He started giving Mallory tips on how to work the bike and of course she was soaking it all in.  I'm not sure she is ready for that thing.  I made her dad be the bad guy.  She asked me if she could ride the dirtbike now, because "I can ride my bicycle with no training wheels."  I told her those wonderful words, "Go ask your daddy."
He said no for now, but she was content with knowing someday in the future she can show off to her brother how well she can ride!


  1. Hi Hesterman Gang!

    Sounds like you all are busy! You should catch a little of the nasty pond water in a concave microscope slide and let Dillon look at it under the scope. I wouldn't have let him get in that water either....cause I know what's in there. Remind him that he would have gotten some of it in his mouth no matter how hard he tried not to. In the very least, he would have gotten some 'itchies' from it. I speak from experience.

    I didn't actually get the box tops off till Friday, so you will probably get them Monday. I put two stamps on them, so they would for sure have enough postage. My pantry looks like yours.....I cut off any box tops that were there to send too! LOL....I recognized the holes even before I read what you had done. Did you manage to do it without cutting into the liners? Tape works miracles!

    Your casserole inspired me to make turkey and dressing! I love dressing. The 'yankie' kind, and since no one around here wants that kind at Thanksgiving, I splurge when it's not holiday time! good!

    I love to do couponing too. I will find some posts that you might want to look at too. I learned from some women who are "professional" couponors. I can't believe what all they get.

    talk to you later!
    Debbie J

  2. We got the box tops in the mail yesterday...Thank you! Dillon is so excited about it!
    I hadn't thought of catching the pond water....we've got a microscope. Dillon would probably never ask to go swim again...Glad your dressing turned out good.


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