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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mississippi Mud

With all of the rain we received for 2 days, my children had the opportunity to have some real fun.  A puddle formed where we had our pool in the backyard last summer.  The pool had killed all of the grass, leaving nothing but dirt.  Good ole'  Mississippi dirt mixed with tons of rainwater = Mississippi Mud

This is what I found when I looked out my kitchen window......They were having a blast, so I couldn't bring myself to fuss about Dillon's school uniform getting covered in mud.  They were giggling and laughing so much, it made me laugh.  Who knew mud could be so fun? 

 I mean, just look at that!  Who doesn't just want to dive in and play with that?  Nothing like a little Mississippi Mud to bring 2 siblings together ;)

I also wanted to share another thing that I relate to Mississippi.  I cooked pink-eye purple-hull peas last night for supper.  Thank goodness my grandmother (Scooter) taught me how to cook!  I took about 3 TBSP of bacon drippings and chopped onions and simmered until the onions were starting to caramelize.  Can't you just smell it?

Then I put my peas (what I put up last summer) added water, salt, and pepper in the  pot with the onions and bacon drippings.  Pair that with some buttermilk cornbread and you have a meal!  Of course I had to make macaroni and cheese too.  We also had sweet potatoes baked with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar!  Yummy!

Sorry no pictures of the cornbread and cooked peas.  A pack of hungry wolves ran in and cleaned up all of the supper on the table. 


  1. I wish we lived closer so I could invite myself over for lunch!

    The mud pictures made me chuckle. It's still too cold up here for such fun, in fact we just got done with a bunch of snow flurries.....sigh......I know spring is on its way, but I wish it would kick the speed up a notch!

  2. Oh, I hate that you still have that wintry weather. I hope spring gets to you soon!

    Come on down....I'd love to have over for lunch!


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