These things I have spoken to you, that in me you might have peace. In the world you will have tribulations, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. John 16:33

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sticking with it

I have officially been sticking to my exercise regimen for 3 weeks now and starting on my 4th week.  To some, it may not seem like anything major.  For me, it IS major.  I usually get discouraged at this point because I am not a patient person.  I want to see major results right now.  When I don't, I usually get frustrated and quit.  Not this time though.  The scales are not going to get me down.  Yes, I've only lost 2-5 pounds ( it changes from week to week; frustrating), but I feel better, and I can tell I'm getting more toned.  That alone, is going to keep me going.  I want to be healthier for myself and my family. 

My outdoor walking view
 I have been doing some Walk Away the Pounds Express videos by Leslie Sansone.  For the past 2 weeks, I've been doing the 3 mile walk, which is 45 minutes.  Also, I put on my headphones and take a walk outside.  I had read that you burn more calories when it's cold outside, so hey....... any extra help for me.....I'll take it.

Here's to walking and getting healthy and in shape!!!  We should be having near 100 baby goats born in a few weeks, so I am going to need the stamina to keep up with all that involves (weighing and tagging).  Our pastures are not level by any means, and those goats get in the darndest places to have their babies.  A big workout....Those hills kick butt!


  1. YOU GO GIRL! I wish I could see my road; I'd be out there walking on it! For now, I am going have to settle for the treadmill and Zumba! Enjoy the birds singing!


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