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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas and Drywall ??!!!

Get ready for a lot of pictures!  We had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you all did as well! 

We took the kids to see Christmas lights at Bellingrath Gardens in Alabama this year.  It was absolutely beautiful.   We did have quite a wait to get in, but it was well worth it, or at least I think it was.
They make all of their Christmas decorations.  I was amazed at all of the creativity!  Too bad I'm not that great of a photographer.  I intended to have many photos of their lights, but most didn't turn out.  Here are a few though.

We made and decorated sugar cookies to leave out for Santa Clause.   I think I'm still cleaning up flour from that event ;) 

Mallory got right in there and helped out with decorating.  Dillon did a few, but he ended up playing with one of his Christmas presents he had gotten earlier that day from the Newman's (our wonderful neighbors).

This is what he spent most of the night doing.  He flied that helicopter all over the living room, crashing only a few times.  And no, Shane isn't mad in this picture.  He is deep in thought.  We both  laughed when we saw this picture.  I told him he looked like a thug with his hat on.  He's a very nice fella though, don't let the photo mislead you! 

Santa's finished cookies

Dillon the reindeer
Mallory finally got her own Nintendo DS like her big brother Dillon.  She said that was all she wanted from Santa Claus and can you believe he didn't bring it to her?  She looked all over our house Christmas morning for it, thinking he had hid it somewhere.  Later on we went to Shane's mom's house for Christmas, and wouldn't you know, BB had gotten it for her.  That Santa Claus knew it all along :)

This is what we've been up to since Christmas.  Putting up sheet rock in the master bedroom addition to the house.  Shane and I have never done anything like this before, but hey.....why not?
The yellow contraption in the photograph is a jack that Shane rented in Hattiesburg.  It lifts up a sheet of drywall and will hold it in place for you to put the screws in.  It was a lifesaver.  There is no way that we would've gotten all we did accomplished in one day without that lift.  The ceilings were hung that day, thanks to the lift. 
Drywall sheet on jack to be
lifted up

Mallory had to help out and give the wheel a turn.  You just turn that wheel there an it lifts up that sheet right to the ceiling.  You just have to roll it in the right position, and WA LA...... no hands!  I feel very sorry for those who hang up this stuff on a ceiling with no jack.  My arms ache for them!

For the past two days, Shane has had to work by himself hanging the drywall.  Mallory has been sick with fever, but today it came down to a low grade 99 so I'm hoping that she will be better tomorrow.   I will definitely be putting more pictures of the progress. 

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. So glad your project is "off the ground." We are trying to finish up our construction project too. I will post pics next week, but the floor is IN the sunroom as of about an hour ago! Woo!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay tuned tomorrow for a big Real Farmwives of American joint posting!


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