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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To work or not to work....

I have been getting a little antsy about returning to work lately. I really enjoyed being a nurse so much, and I have spent the last four years taking care of the kids trying to make sure they get a good foundation. I noticed that the local clinic next to Dillon's school was in need of a I got EXCITED!!!! Then the reality set in that I would have to leave the responsibility up to someone else to get the kids after school and help them with homework and snacks until I get home. The possibility of Dillon not making it to some of his baseball due to my work schedule...The list just keeps piling up of all of the CONS. I just think it's way more important for the kids to have me at home. Not that I don't want to get back into the medical world, but I guess it will have to wait. God blessed Shane and I with two beautiful children and it is our responsibility to raise them with good values and give them all the love and security they need. So as of now, I guess it is no working for me. HA!! I may not go to work outside of the home, but this farm and my family keeps me jumping anyway.

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  1. Great Pictures! Love... Dad & Debbie


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