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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A 'Diller Killin'

Tonight our guardian Eve just kept barking outside our house quite a bit. I went outside to hear something rustling the leaves, so I went inside to get a flashlight and Shane's 22. Now that was a sight, me trying to sneak up on whatever was lurking in the leaves undetected! I spotted an armadillo and couldn't wait to get him. Our yard is completely torn up because of those little devils. I held the flashlight (quite a large one I might add) and tried to put the scope on him...He was in my sights....pulled the trigger....and......CLICK...nothing. I took the gun inside and tried to tell Shane what I was doing. Long story short, we have bullets that are old and no good. I fired 2 out of 4 that were good. I managed to hit the devil and he ran into some heavy brush. (By then Shane had come out and held the flashlight for me) He decided to go look in the back yard where a lot of digging is going on as well and wouldn't you know, another one! I tried a shot at him and he got away I'm pretty sure. Armadillos and I go waaayy back. In high school I drove a gray 88 Nissan Sentra. If there was an armadillo within a 5 mile radius, he managed to get into my path and get run over. It never failed. I couldn't tell you how many of those things I ran over in that car. It became a joke to call my car the "Diller Killer". It so happened that my car was very similar to the color of an armadillo. Oh the memories!

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  1. I hearby night you royal "Queen of the farm" protector against evil alien Armadillo invasions! FYI: I've heard that Armadillo slow oven roasted surrounded in sweet potatoes is real good eatin! ...or was that Racoon? Get your revenge double over at the dinner table.

    Love... Dad


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