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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Going to get groceries or church???

Yesterday I needed a pick-me-up and decided that I would put on a little make-up to lift my spirits.  I had purchased some new eyeshadow and planned on trying it out to see how the colors looked too.  As I'm putting on my make up Mallory walks in and says:
"Mom are we going to church or to get groceries?"  I told her that we weren't going anywhere, and wondered why she asked.  She said, "Because your gettin' ready."  I laughed and thought it was cute............  Fast forward to picking up Dillon from school.  He gets in the car and the first thing he asks is "Where did y'all go today?"  I told him nowhere, and asked him why did he ask that?  He said "You got that make up on your eyes."  I'm sitting there thinking this is too funny that my kiddos think that I only wear make-up when I'm going somewhere.  Then Shane comes home, and we rode out to put minerals out for the goats.  After about 10 minutes,  I asked him if he had noticed my new eye make-up, and that I had put it on for a pick me up.  He said, "Yeah, I noticed it a while ago, and thought you must have went to town today or something."  Okay.  Seriously.  It's a shame when the only time I put on make-up and try not to look like I just rolled out of the bed, is when I have to get groceries or go to church!  
Thanks guys for bringing it to my attention (all day)!! 


  1. I can so relate to this. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in an ill-positioned mirror, and I have to cringe. Why do guys always look the same (and that's usually pretty decent!?!?!?!).


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